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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  September 8, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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playing out. and jobs plans laid out by president obama, how businesses could benefit he says. and a plan to put a subway in, dividing others during the mayoral race. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening, it is thursday, september 8th. i'm maureen naylor, san francisco's powell street bart stays shut down at the top of the evening commute. our top story tonight, more on the coverage on the bart protest, and the arrests of about two dozen people. >> reporter: well, maureen, take a look over my shoulder here, you can see about a dozen san francisco police officers standing at the top there, from the powell street station, bart shut down the powell street station at about 5:30, and at
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this hour it remains closed. [loud noises] >> you can't kill us all, you can't kill us all. >> reporter: that came after more than two dozen people gathered here for the protest, the sixth in a stream of demonstrations, regarding a homeless man by a part a bart police officer here in san francisco. previous protests have led to dozens of arrests, station shutdowns and angry rioters, others hope the rush hour crowd and a large protest presence would force the bart to open the emergency gate, allowing people to ride for free. that didn't happen, though, wearing the riot helmet, bart, along with the police officers closed the stations and began to push the news crews outside. one of our crew had their id's taken by police. our camera captured this as bart detained about 25 people.
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the protest organizers told us they did nothing wrong. >> i think it really shows what the bart police are willing to do, and what the bart authorities are willing to do to shut down any sort of even peaceful protest. the only thing that happened here today was that people shouted and had banners in an area already designated as a free speech zone, where the bart authorities themselves said they would welcome peaceful protests. >> reporter: another live look at the scene outside powell street station. at this hour, the protests and station closure didn't affect the evening commute. we're told that 25 people detained are likely to be cited by the bart police for failure to leave. there is no word tonight on when the powell street station will likely open, re-open this evening. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 action news. and we have a major story developing at this hour in southern california. a power outage has left as many as 2 million people without electricity, in san diego and
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orange counties. all the way to arizona as well as baja, california. the power went out just before 4:00 during rush hour, causing grid lock as you can see from these pictures from san diego. according to the san diego gas & electric, the outage was caused by a emergency transmission line, causing two shutdowns at the power plant. we're also learning power may not be fully restored until sometime tomorrow. more on this on tonight's 10:00 news. and homeland security is looking into what it calls a credible but unconfirmed terror threat, having to do with new york or washington, d.c. a homeland security department spokesperson describes the threat as specific, but did not release any information about potential targets. according to a counter- terrorism official, the information was received yesterday. he says it was so specific, and since it comes right before the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the threat couldn't be
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ignored. and president obama going before a joint session of congress this evening to promote his plan to get americans back to work and get the economy rolling. carol hahn is live on capitol hill tonight where she has been talking to bay area lawmakers about the jobs plan, carol? >> reporter: maureen, the president says there is nothing professional about his jobs plan, because everything in it has been supported by democrats and republicans in the past. but tonight it is not clear if that support will continue. >> the president of the united states. [cheering and applause] >> reporter: he has done this walk before, but never like this. with the lowest approval rating of his office, before a deeply divided congress. >> the question is whether in the face of a continuing national crisis we can stop the political circus and actually do something to help the economy. >> reporter: the president says he could cut taxes last year, anybody hiring new workers or
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gets old ones, can get tax hikes, something the businesses have been wanting. >> they're talking about regulations, they're talking to me about capital. >> reporter: the president said his plan helps the jobless by extending unemployment insurance for another year, also helping states to keep teachers on the payroll, and repair falling down schools, roads and bridges, which some looked at closely. >> we desperately need that, the traffic is terrible. >> reporter: republicans say they didn't hear anything new. >> i was hoping we would get specifics, we heard nothing tonight. >> reporter: san jose person disagrees. >> from the teachers being laid off to building the infrastructure, and building schools, it makes a lot of sense. >> now the cost of the plan, about 450 billion would be paid for with a mix of tax hikes, spending cuts and trims to medicaid and medicare. but a lot of bay area lawmakers are not happy with the idea of
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cutting those entitlement programs. live, carol hahn, ktvu. and the weekly jobless report released today didn't offer evidence of improving jobs reports. first time they claimed slight increases by 2000 to 214,000, the economists say that little hiring is takes place, by the evidence, but significant layoffs have not taken place either. the number of people continuing to take jobless benefits fell to just over 3.7 million. and wall street seeing stocks falling after a speech by ben bernanke, with no specific plans on stimulating the economy. shortly after, the dow closed lower at 119, nasdaq fell 19. [loud noises] >> workers at the grand hyatt and regency launching a strike
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today. workers walked off the job in chicago, honolulu and other areas, say they are working without a contract for two years, they are focusing on nonunion hotels, instead of the latest contract offer, which includes pay raises. and another shock today for salendra, they went to the fremont headquarters and spent the day collecting boxes of evidence. the agency wouldn't say what it was looking for, but a business professor we spoke to said it may have to do with the company's bankruptcy filing last week, and the fact that the government granted salendra half a million in loan guarantees. >> there is an interest here, we don't want to throw out the solar baby with the bath, if you will. and that is very important to the obama administration and california. >> the spokesperson would only tell us that agents were executing a search warrant as part of an investigation with
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the department of energy and the office of the inspector general. and the first public hearing to take place right now on apple's proposed headquarters for the future. plans call for a four-story circle building, made of aluminum and glass, that steve jobs said was like a space station. it would be off 280 and north wolve road. the 176-acre apple campus two would house up to 13,000 workers. apple is expanding so fast it will work on a third campus after the second one is completed. new at 7:00, san francisco subway project suddenly becoming a political issue in the mayor's race. live in the city where the future of the project hangs between costs and community. john? >> reporter: maureen, behind me you can see the lines there that carry this, in just eight years, the line could take riders all the way to china town, but the project sparked a
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war of words at city hall. san francisco's muni line connects bay view and sunnydale, it could extend through union square, also finally through china town. >> it is a fabulous idea, we need transportation to that area. >> reporter: but now the city attorney who is running for mayor wants to stop the expansion because the cost has increased a billion to 1.6 billion. >> there is questions about the ridership projections, and questions about the ability to connect communities, which is the original reason for the project. >> political words, but also it is not for the future of san francisco. >> mayor ed lee says that herrera is playing politics. >> for somebody at this late stage, saying it is not where it needs to go, they are misleading the public. this is a good project, and when people put it in the short
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term context of perhaps a mayor's race, they do the public a disservice. i mean we have to make sure we're protecting taxpayer dollars long-term. >> riders are pleased with the project, but cautious about the price tag. >> it is a crowded bus situation, so any way to relieve that problem would be a good thing. >> right now the city has a lot of things on our plate financially. >> and the project is under way with utility lines being cleared from the path, and lines already in place. ktvu channel 2 action news. and san francisco police arrested a football club player for seriously injuring another player during a match on treasure island. 26-year-old pat powell is accused of knocking mark mcgovern unconscious, as we reported, power was banned from the sport for more than a year ago being named a person of interest in the case.
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we're told that mcgovern is recovering well after being in a coma. and berkeley police made an arrest in connection with a string of car valentine's vandalism cases, most of the cases had tires slashed, a couple were spray painted. and monroe now is charged with felony vandalism. and governor brown reaching an agreement on a plan that would bring more jobs to california. the plan would close a loop hole which benefits companies that hire outside california. it also eliminates the option for businesses to base their taxes only on california sales. and also it lowers personal income taxes for millions of people in california. >> by eliminating that loop hole, about a billion is generated and transferred to small business, to working families, and to providing an
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incentive for manufacturers to -- buy goods and expand. >> the governor hopes to get the plan passed in both houses by tomorrow. a couple of grass fires breaking out in the south bay. now we're learning of a new factor that could increase the danger in the coming days. and one of the best known icons visits facebook and her presence on the internet. and coming up, the temperature changes you can expect tomorrow and the highlight thunderstorm chances as we do head into the weekend bo
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. the texas forest service says in the past several days,
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crews responded to 176 fires, the larges near austin, about 46% containeddings some people evacuated from their homes were allowed to return today, more than 1600 homes across the state were destroyed. the dry conditions fueling the fires are a product of record high temperatures. according to the national weather service, texas and oklahoma just finished the hottest june through august period on record in the u.s. those states averaged temperatures of almost 87 degrees, beating out a record set in the dust bowl in 1934 in oklahoma, during that time, the temperatures averaged just over 85 degrees. and what we first reported at 5:00 could be a sign of things, this five-acre fire on kern avenue destroyed buildings and acres before it was knocked back, a smaller fire near christopher high school has also been put out.
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cal fire is getting ready for even more fires in the next few days, in the last 48 hours, 200 lightning strikes in california. that could threaten the east bay hills this weekend. >> lightning strikes don't happen near a roadway, near a path near good access, they tend to be in remote locations where we have to hike in resources and in some cases even drop the resources in by air. >> if lightning starts fires in the bay area it could be challenging there. and oprah winfrey was liked at facebook today. our ken pritchett was camped outside the palo alto headquarters' along with fans hoping to get a look at the star. >> reporter: two people, three, if you count little luis gonzales were outside facebook when ewe arrived. >> he is my cousin's baby, i watch him on thursday, so we're here to see oprah. >> reporter: as facebook security came through, others
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waited hoping to get an autograph. she thought she saw her. >> reporter: you saw windows? >> i saw the outline of a shape that could look like her. >> reporter: that could be oprah. >> yes. >> reporter: but do you think it was her? >> i am pretty sure it was her. >> reporter: and she was doing a web cast to potentionally millions of facebook live viewers. >> all day long, i walked through the offices going i'm at facebook. >> reporter: winfrey has more than 6 million facebook fans, far more fans than her network, which is struggling to gain ratings, a topic she touched on. >> she said she was scared for the first time in her life. you know doing the show for 25 years, she sort of had a handle on it. but going forward with the network, she was sort of scared. >> reporter: by the time the web cast ended, the crowd of fans had added up, but not for much. eager to see her, they waited for hours. and those who waited, were
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rewarded. she talked to fans, signed autographs outside. and also she will meet with the silicon valley workers. and raiding google, they just got the business known for the restaurant guide. they say that it is designed to help google compete with yelp and open tables, which offers reviews, shares dropped, terms of the deal were not disclosed. and families of the victims of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion are creating a group the push for safety. they are trying to raise awareness of pipeline problems and they urged state and federal lawmakers to improve safety laws. they joined forces with similar groups that sprang up.
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action involving a construction crane in washington, d.c. has forced a 9/11 concert to change locations. the crane was repairing earthquake damage at the national cathedral yesterday morning when it fell over, the operator was treated for minor injuries, the concert of hope, though, will be moved to the kennedy center. president obama is scheduled to speak at the event. the faa today released air traffic control tapes recorded during the 9/11 attacks, including sounds of the hijackers. >> nobody move, everything will be okay. if you make a move, you will hurt yourself and the airplane, just stay quiet. >> that was a terrorist on board american airlines flight 11. it had just lifted off from boston on its way to los angeles when the hijackers came through the cockpit and flew the plane into the world trade center. this is the first time that the audio has been made public.
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and while much of america will never forget what happened on 9/11, reliving the day can be trauma for some. a lot of images are being played on tv again as we near the 10th anniversary, grief counselor says for many the images of the low-flying planes and the collapse of the world trade center can trigger horror, grief and sadness all over again. >> every time it comes around i think of the families and what they must have went through, losing their loved ones. >> when i revisit the images, it triggers the same feelings, sadness for all the people that died. >> one grief counselor we spoke with suggest people talk about what happened on september 11th, and maybe take part in 9/11 ceremonies. this 11th we'll honor the day with a program called 9/11, a decade of change, including live reports from new york, washington, d.c. and shanksville, pennsylvania,
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airing on ktvu, channel 2 this sunday at 6:00. and talk about taking dance to a whole new level, we'll explain how one troup took to the air today for a very unique performance. and is there another hot day of weather in store for the bay area? depends on where you live, we'll have more in the forecast [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy you can get a flu shot from an experienced professional. we've given over 5 million flu shots over the last 10 years. [ male announcer ] hey, but who's counting? get your flu shot from a specialiou can trust. at the safeway pharmacy.
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. look at that dance performance to took place today above san francisco's mint plaza, called aerial dancing, in which they dance on the sides of buildings. if you would like to watch more in person, the group will use the walls of the dance stage at 8:30 on broadway and grand avenue in oakland. pretty beautiful. >> just amazing. all right, well beautiful weather as well. we talked a little bit about the cooldown, but you say it is warming up for the weekend? >> yes, it cooled off today, the other direction tomorrow, more 90s returning to the bay area, especially inland, the fog is still a constant out there as we take a look at the maps. we can show you the coverage, this has not changed too much over the past few days, you can see the low clouds, already a few patches heading into san francisco bay. so here we go, in fact the time lapse image, showing the fog,
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heading into the marine bay area. as a result we cooled off. forecast headlines for tonight, we do have this area of fog, clear skies inland tomorrow. warming things up a bit. weekend, high clouds, temperatures cooling off. as far as temperatures today, ranging from the low 60s to san francisco to the low-to-mid 80s, even a few upper 80s tomorrow. here is the warmup, we have been advertising, santa rosa, back up in the low 90s, san francisco, lower 70s, concord, talking about low 90s for tomorrow afternoon. overnight lows tomorrow morning, the fog concentrated coast side, right around the bay, the bay area, starting out friday morning, mainly in the 50s. receiving the offshore flow, with the northerly winds. that is why we're talking about the warmup for tomorrow. into the weekend, this is our concern, the area of low pressure setting up shop in southern california. we'll send in a few high clouds, and that could trigger thunderstorms in the sierra, a slight chance here in the bay
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area, but whenever you get the slight chance this time of year, always a concern with fire danger. so we're watching that. the main impact, higher clouds, temperatures cool off as we head into the weekend. tomorrow morning, the fog, coast side, around the bay bulling back to -- pulling back to the shoreline, everybody warms up a few degrees, more 90s to report out to santa rosa, fairfield, concord at 93, oakland, mid-70s, san jose topping out mid-80s, right at 85 in san francisco, and the lower 70s after the fog tomorrow morning. here is a look ahead at the extended forecast with the weekend always in view, in fact quickly approaching, a little bit cooler for saturday, high clouds, partly sunny skies on sunday, we'll hold on to the pattern next week. >> all right thank you mark, the san francisco symphony continuing their celebration with a free concert in civic center plaza. the noon performance featured
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treats from the bay area and chocolates. the conductor, thomas, told the audience that a great performance needed great composers. that is our report, our maureen naylor, our coverage continues on line, tmz is up next, have a great evening 1p
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